i Borgvattnet

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We have everything for your stay.
Other than products for your everyday living, we offer our guests free wifi, we can give tips about local activities. Outside our shop we have a gas station and we are also a communal service point.

Free Wifi

Never worry about the connection to your friends and family.


Stuguns public library. Sit down and relax with a good book in your hands.

Gas Station

The gas station provided by Borgvattenbygdens utveckling ekonomisk förening.

Service Point

We are a communal service point.

Our Services


In the middle of the village you will find our small country store
A charming grocery store with various locally produced products.

Bed & Breakfast

Sleep in our charmingly renovated attic up to five people. Live close to nature and recharge your energy.


Do you want a hot cup of coffee or a decent meal? Never start the day without a proper breakfast!

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